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I was moving on with my life, like you said you needed to do.
I was actually enjoying my day without worrying about something.
I was thinking about myself, and trying to work on myself.

And then you come in.
Now? That's all shot.

I'm worried about when you'll message me next. I wanted to try and work things out with you, but you wrecked my trust. You destroyed me at a time where I was really vulnerable. And yet, somehow, you still make it ALL about you.

And then I found out you lied about things.... and I'm not sure if you've lied about everything. If anything you said is true. I considered you a real friend...I supported you and helped you make some very tough decisions. You mattered to me.

That's broken now. You say things about begging and that 'you're done'... isn't that what I said when you messaged me? That I had better things to do with my life?

Well I do.
I want you to get this crap off your chest so you'll stop e-stalking me and leave me alone!

I just want you gone. The third time here is NOT the charm. There's a reason I don't give second chances often. And you are pretty much a reminder to me why.

No love. At all. Ever.


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