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Created on 2009-04-18 04:29:49 (#91325), last updated 2018-11-11 (22 weeks ago)

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Name:Dear You: Letters Unsent
Website:Mod's Journal
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:letters left unsent by others
Dear You: Letters Unsent

Dear You is a community dedicated to those who have something to say to others in the form of letter writing. These letters have been left unsent by their writers and are often filled with the feelings the writer has wanted to convey to the reader.


1) No add me letters. Those belong in the addme communities.

2) No community pimping. There are placings for those.

3) No disabling comments. You may screen comments if you feel it necessary.

4) 'Dear Member' letters are for mods only.

5) No letters with offensive or racist material within them are allowed. Such letters are found in violation of this community and they will be deleted and the writer will only be warned once about this.

6) All letters must start in the form of a letter. Any letters that do not follow this will be deleted by the mods.

7) Entries are not moderated but it takes only one person to force the mods to change this. Each member is expected to act mature and have the willpower to know better.

8) Letters may not be deleted. Neither comments. It doesn't matter regardless if a member disagrees with your view or not. Please seek out a mod at the voice mail post.

9) Flame wars are to be taken out of the community. If one is seen, the comments will be frozen and moderators reserve the right to give one single warning. Nothing more.

10) Long letters must be put behind an lj-cut.

11) You are allowed three posts per day. Any further posts will be deleted by mods.

12) All threats made against another member will be taken serious. If you make a threat against another member, you will be immediately banned from the community.

Wish to get in touch with the mods? Then visit this link to do so:
Dear You Voice Mailbox

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