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Dear Princess,

You just fell out of the sky into my life, and I wish I wish I hope you're the one who will fall further, that one that I will fall for. アタシだけのヒト。

No matter what happens, you are lovely and wonderful and I wish you every single happiness in the world, always.

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dear people who drop off their unwanted animals in the country, (especially those who drop off baby animals)

if you have a pet you don't want please look into no-kill shelters. or you can place a free ad in one of several flyers that is put out locally. but if you feel you must leave the poor thing out in the country leave it by a house so there a chance that it will be found & helped.

no love whatsoever,

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Making fun of me because I don't share your beliefs is incredibly childish. I wasn't making fun of you, and I certainly don't deserve to be ridiculed. I got upset because I took the post personally, and why wouldn't I? It was directed towards people like me. I got defensive because I don't know how else to voice my opinions when I am upset. I have since calmed down, and I won't ever talk to you again. I have no need for jerks like you and I have never considered you a friend, not even since high school because you have always been a pushy, ignorant asshole. Despite everything, I wish you the best in life because I'm not the type to wish ill on people. Maybe someday you'll realize that you're on the wrong side of history.



Sep. 30th, 2012 02:57 pm
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dear you,

it wasn't very nice of you to post saying "just in case i die today" and then disappear. you're freaking lucky my brother was able to vouch for your non-deadness cos otherwise, i would've had to break the rules again. :[

don't do that to me. seriously.

you know i love you.

<3 until After.

p.s. thank you for being such a wonderful, wonderful friend. i've been recounting all the ways you've stepped in the gap for me over the years; you've truly Been There. and i know you still are. even more than that, though, thank you for being such a good Brother. i'm doing as you advised, and following His leading - no more tracking and no more posting. it's really, really hard. and sad. but i know that, Ultimately, it will be for the best. 31707 always remember, never forget. ♥
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I was moving on with my life, like you said you needed to do.
I was actually enjoying my day without worrying about something.
I was thinking about myself, and trying to work on myself.

And then you come in.
Now? That's all shot.

I'm worried about when you'll message me next. I wanted to try and work things out with you, but you wrecked my trust. You destroyed me at a time where I was really vulnerable. And yet, somehow, you still make it ALL about you.

And then I found out you lied about things.... and I'm not sure if you've lied about everything. If anything you said is true. I considered you a real friend...I supported you and helped you make some very tough decisions. You mattered to me.

That's broken now. You say things about begging and that 'you're done'... isn't that what I said when you messaged me? That I had better things to do with my life?

Well I do.
I want you to get this crap off your chest so you'll stop e-stalking me and leave me alone!

I just want you gone. The third time here is NOT the charm. There's a reason I don't give second chances often. And you are pretty much a reminder to me why.

No love. At all. Ever.
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You truly are a monster.

~ Kirryn
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My dear sir,

Hey you. King of No Time. Hope stuff's going well. Stuff here's going.

Miss you.

your Lunatic,
the Queen of Bad Timing
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Dear You,

I thought you loved me more than anyone I’ve ever known; I was proven wrong. But that’s beside the point now, because you’re gone. I was cut in half, but now all that remains is a shell encasing little more than a quarter of what was. Wherever you are, I hope you’re happy, because it looks to me like you won’t be back anytime soon.

Without you, it’s becoming harder and harder to hold onto any substance. Reality is slipping to the point that simply existing sometimes makes me wonder if I might in fact be dead already. Read more... )


Your Other Half
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dear you;

was it necessary to go speeding past us on the left side? where there's no lane, just a painted area to indicate that you're not supposed to drive there. and you got to the red light a whole 3 seconds ahead of us. you must be so proud. i'm surprised you just didn't ignore the fact that it was red and go through anyway. a-hole.

hope you never cause an accident,

Dear K,

May. 1st, 2012 10:57 am
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Dear K______,

How have you been?

Last night I had trouble sleeping, so I got up and did my normal online thing. For whatever reason I threw your name in Google and got a lot more than I've seen in a long time. It looks like you bought the shop a few years ago and had some people really excited, even had a blog up at that time. But the shop is back in the original owners' hands, your blog is gone, and only a MySpace page remains. The profile pic is obscured, but it sure looks like it could be you.

the rest... )I know I could get you on the phone this afternoon and hear your voice again. I won't though, it will just be this letter to the void.

Kind regards,

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Dear Uncle Spud,

I miss you. Eight years, never forgotten.


Dear bipolar disorder,

Fuck. Off.

No love, ever,
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Dear girl from my not-so-distant past,

So this is how you end a friendship? Our mutual friend alerts me of a mistake, that you only meant to unwatch, not unfriend me, and you respond so light-heartedly, that you'll tell me when you're ready to friend me back, that you only need a bit of space... And then you tell her you don't like me anymore?

I sat here wondering if we could reconcile. I spent days to weeks just wondering how you were, hoping you were okay. I know you went through a lot, I know your life was busy. I thought maybe you were just busy. I didn't think you'd honestly forget about me. But I guess it's reached that point where I just need to accept the end of this friendship. After all, you probably hate me by this point. I know, once we stopped talking, I tried to comment to you once, and you blew it off; I figured maybe you were just missing my responses. I didn't think you were ignoring me.

But now I get it. I've known for a long time that you've been a very childish person. I just thought our friendship was worth more than that, that we could actually work things out.

Now I know better.

Our mutual friend said it would probably be better if we just never spoke again. I'll accept that. I still don't know what in that minor issue set you off so badly, but I guess it's one of those things I'm just not meant to know. I'll accept that.

I'll also accept this, whatever this is, and leave this as words of a final goodbye.

You weren't that great of a friend, but I had always liked your enthusiasm.

Have a nice life,
~ someone you'll forget

P.S. She's still my best friend. I don't mind sharing, but don't you dare try stealing her away. Because I'll win.
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Dear fellow train travellers

I am using a cane so yes i am blind, did you not just see me trying to navigate this station with a braile map in my hand, that is becouse i'm obviously blind or have very poor vision so when i hop onto a train and it is one of the few that have a metal pole hanging down from the roof at head height about 2 steps into the carriage it would be nice if you might possibly think to either point it out to me otherwise please do not stand behind me and then say "sorry did you not see that there", obviously i didn't see it there and i'm already embarrassed enough without that kind of annoying remark....

Dear You,

Oct. 22nd, 2011 12:12 am
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Dear DreamWidth,

I wish your communities would pick up! I know they will eventually, in all probability. But it would be nice if I saw more communities active than [community profile] do_it, [community profile] scans_daily, and a few fanfic communities.

I'd especially like seeing [community profile] animorphs, [community profile] 80s, and [community profile] 90s stirring up a bit. And, well, I guess plenty of other ones. Until then, I guess I'll just keep hoping other users start stirring them up eventually! Other than that, you are way better than any blog site I've been on so far! I just hope that the community aspect doesn't hold you up too long.

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 dear you,

so i usually keep my unsent letters private, but whatever. i don't know why i'm doing half the things i'm doing lately.

i just want to say that it was really, really, incredibly shitty & cowardly to do what you just did to me. wasn't i even worth an email goodbye? you were my best friend. i guess that doesn't matter. i suppose that'll teach me about trusting anyone though. just because something is shiny & new doesn't make it better than before. you included. setzen sechs, self.

yours sincerely,
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Dear love,

I still love you. I forgive you for everything that happened the last couple of weeks before you left for Texas and I hope you can forgive me for costing your freedom here. Having to move back to California will be rough on both of us, but for all the love I have for you, I can handle it. I refuse to move on or leave you behind in the past. You changed my life so much for the better and made me a better person for it. We were too emotionally involved to ever let distance become an issue and I'm willing to be patient for anything in our future.

We promised each other our futures together and I'm going to hold you to that promise.

Forever yours,
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Dear future in-laws,

Fuck you. I've tried to be open and accepting of the fact that he's your son but when it comes time for a holiday you act as if I'm an insect needing to be crushed. Fuck you for judging me before you even get to know me. What have I even done to you aside from try to be a good girlfriend for him? He is the best thing to ever happen to me and you automatically judge me to be worse than his ex-girlfriend!

Nothing but absolute HATE,
[personal profile] ame.
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Dear You,

Stop being such an attention whore with your videos. It's fine that you enjoy creating them, but for fuck's sake stop shoving them in my face and in the faces of others. For someone who claims to like her videos just fine you sure do love to bitch about how little views they get. It's like you have this need to have your videos validated by everyone else, and that's the wrong way to go about that.


Dear U.S Economy,

Stop being so horrible. Get better and quickly, dammit.

Up yours,

I wish...

Feb. 17th, 2011 09:08 pm
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Dear you,

I don't want to do this. I don't. But I might have to.

I'm sorry.

Correction, I don't care about doing this. And I'm not sorry. What a horrid, two-faced person you were.
Oh, and please don't say you don't like talking behind people's backs when, frankly, it's a staple of your personality. I don't know if you're lying to yourself or just haven't figured it out yet, but there you go.

-- River
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