Sep. 30th, 2012 02:57 pm
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dear you,

it wasn't very nice of you to post saying "just in case i die today" and then disappear. you're freaking lucky my brother was able to vouch for your non-deadness cos otherwise, i would've had to break the rules again. :[

don't do that to me. seriously.

you know i love you.

<3 until After.

p.s. thank you for being such a wonderful, wonderful friend. i've been recounting all the ways you've stepped in the gap for me over the years; you've truly Been There. and i know you still are. even more than that, though, thank you for being such a good Brother. i'm doing as you advised, and following His leading - no more tracking and no more posting. it's really, really hard. and sad. but i know that, Ultimately, it will be for the best. 31707 always remember, never forget. ♥
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