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Dear girl from my not-so-distant past,

So this is how you end a friendship? Our mutual friend alerts me of a mistake, that you only meant to unwatch, not unfriend me, and you respond so light-heartedly, that you'll tell me when you're ready to friend me back, that you only need a bit of space... And then you tell her you don't like me anymore?

I sat here wondering if we could reconcile. I spent days to weeks just wondering how you were, hoping you were okay. I know you went through a lot, I know your life was busy. I thought maybe you were just busy. I didn't think you'd honestly forget about me. But I guess it's reached that point where I just need to accept the end of this friendship. After all, you probably hate me by this point. I know, once we stopped talking, I tried to comment to you once, and you blew it off; I figured maybe you were just missing my responses. I didn't think you were ignoring me.

But now I get it. I've known for a long time that you've been a very childish person. I just thought our friendship was worth more than that, that we could actually work things out.

Now I know better.

Our mutual friend said it would probably be better if we just never spoke again. I'll accept that. I still don't know what in that minor issue set you off so badly, but I guess it's one of those things I'm just not meant to know. I'll accept that.

I'll also accept this, whatever this is, and leave this as words of a final goodbye.

You weren't that great of a friend, but I had always liked your enthusiasm.

Have a nice life,
~ someone you'll forget

P.S. She's still my best friend. I don't mind sharing, but don't you dare try stealing her away. Because I'll win.
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